January 2018

West Coast USA

Deserts, forests and mountains

Laying out under the stars in Joshua Tree, admiring the vastness of the infamous Grand Canyon, and cruising down Route 66 with country music on and wind in our hair.

The best of the west

As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon, in the high desert of northern Arizona, offers the most complete engagement with the human spirit I’ve ever witnessed.

Ravishing visual beauty; physical challenge (should you so desire); historic and cultural depth (American Indian split-twig figures found at the canyon are older than Stonehenge); and that rarest of experiences – a genuine encounter with the sublime. For Edmund Burke the sublime meant “greatness beyond all possibility of calculation”, and that’s precisely what the canyon’s strata reveal: a metaphoric trip in time from the 230 million-year-old limestone at the rim to the nearly two-billion-year-old Vishnu schist at the bottom.